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DG David Lanir 

PDG Rami Efrati 

D 128-Israel 

Dear District Governor David Lanir, Dear Past District Governor Rami Efrati, 

Detlef Dietrich 

Governorratsvorsitzender 2021/2022 

T +49 (0)721 984870 M +49 (0)172 7217957 dd@dietrich-dietrich.de www.lions.de

July 19th, 2021 

In the name of MD 111-Germany I sincerely thank you for your kind expression of sympathy upon  the flood disaster in our country. 

We were touched by your words of condolence, and it gives us much comfort to know that the  thoughts of our Lions’ friends in Israel are with us in this time of sorrow. 

Thank you again for your sympathy; it is truly appreciated. 


Detlef Dietrich 
Council Chairperson 2021/2022 
MD 111-Germany 
Lions Clubs International MD 111-Deutschland Bleichstr. 3 
65183 Wiesbaden 
Vorsitzender des Governorrates Detlef Dietrich 

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