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הנה מכתב התנחומים שנשלח לליונס הבינלאומי

                                                                                            16th of September, 2017


      Diane and Bob Corle,

      We members of Lions Israel headed by DG Miriam Krupkin offer our sincere condolence and deepest
      sympathy on your loss of your beloved son, Robert.                            

      Nothing is compared with a loss of a child which is always a great grief.

      May your memory of Robert and the love of your family surround  you, give you strength and peace
      in the days ahead.

      Now I understand why it was so important to you to raise the flag on diabetes and turn it
      into an international project.

      Although in Israel this issue is well covered by the medical authorities, we the Lions, decided to
      nominate a special committee dedicated to deal with the problems of this disease.

      Our prayers are with you during this difficult time.

       Miriam Krupkin
       DG district 128, Israel


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