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Lions organization - volunteers for the community
The Lions organization was founded in 1917 in the USA when a young insurance agent named Melvin Jones raised the idea of a group of people providing service to those around it without political, religious, racial or personal interest motives on the part of the members of the group.

The idea was an innovation that was in contrast to what had been accepted practice at the time. In the spirit of this new idea, 25 Clubs convened on June 17, 1917 in Chicago and founded Lions Clubs International.

The name LIONS is an acronym that stands for "Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety". The letter L in the center, the word Lions  at the top and International at the bottom was selected as the movement's emblem, with the image of a lion at each side, representing the past and the present – pride in the past and looking forward to the future with confidence.

The emblem has two colors: purple (blue) and gold representing different values. The color purple represents loyalty to country and friends, integrity of mind and heart, a symbol of unfailing power, courage and faithful adherence to the goal. The gold represents honesty, liberality in judgment, purity in life and generosity in mind, heart and purpose toward humanity.

Lions is the largest international volunteer organization in the world. Its motto is "We Serve". Throughout the world some 1,350,000 members are active in 45,000 clubs in 206 countries. The principles guiding Lions Clubs International are for each club to be fully free to meet its goals as it sees fit and according to the community's needs.

Lions Goals:
* Create, enhance and embrace the spirit of understanding between the people of the world
* Promote the miracle of the principles of good government and good citizenship
* Work for the citizens of the community and take an active part in community life
* One of the friendly members, companies and mutual understanding
* Allow an open discussion forum regarding the rule with no restrictions for Politics, religion, race or nationality
  To encourage people to serve the community on a voluntary basis without pay for personal pleasure and not
* To foster moral values in business and work shoes

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